For this project we are going to take a look at Popular Culture and what it says about us as a society.
Imagine you are someone who doesn’t know anything about our society and culture.
All you have as a reference point is our methods of entertainment.
What would you think about us as a race of people?

Popular Culture is defined as cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people.

"Popular Culture." Web. 23 Mar. 2012. < Culture?s=t>.

  • Pick one Popular Culture Topic
  • No two students in the same class may have the same topic
  • Must have upon completion: 2 resources, 15 facts, 1 image, 3-5 slides not counting bibliography and title slides

Final Product:

Research Question: What does popular culture say about our society today?
  • Focus Questions, Note Facts, and Bibliographies are to be done in Microsoft Word and e-mailed to me at
    • Notes must be in your own words.
      • I will be checking for signs of just copying and pasting information and there will be consequences.

For Your Information:
All of the aspects of this project are being graded and will be averaged together to count as your FINAL EXAM Grade.

Project Due Dates:
  • Proposals: April 12th
  • Focus Questions:April 26th
  • Resource and Note Cards: May 10th
  • Presentations: May 25th