Elements Project

This project will be done in conjunction with your Science class. You will be doing the research component in my class and be graded for your work in both classes.

Focus Questions:

1.What is the atomic number of this element?
2.What is this element’s atomic mass?
3.What family of the periodic table does this element belong to?
4.What are the physical characteristics of this element at room temperature? (i.e. solid, liquid, gas, color, hard, soft, shiny, dull…)
5.What are the melting points and boiling points of this element?
6.What is the density of this element?
7.How reactive is this element? (Does this element combine with other elements?)
8.Where is this element found?
9.When and where was it discovered? Who discovered it?
10.What are the uses of this element in everyday life? (either in pure form, compound, or mixture)

Final Product:

Possible Resources:



Notecard template

Ms. Johnson I forgot what my element is!!!